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It's in the cloud.

For any business, the choice of business systems and the team to support it is one of the most important decisions to make. From sales to logistics, customer care to finance, being on top of your systems impacts on every part of your business. Every touch point directly or indirectly affects customer satisfaction, cash flow and profits.

So it pays to choose wisely.

Many choose Shopify for their ecommerce platform, and although we do support Shopify, the issue we have with it is that it typically lives in an unintegrated space.

You see, we think that integration rules and so our goal is to show you how you can streamline your business with deep integrations using other connected  solutions. You have enough to do without having to do  things twice - once in your back office and again in your website.

You  may feel caught in the Shopify world but we can guide you on better choices that will make your life and business easier. It may not be as difficult as you think to move towards connected utopia.

Talk to us, we understand and can guide you towards a connected future, with improved accuracy and hands free processing of data between your website and back office.

And lets be honest, shopify are great marketers, pushing ease of use and "anyone" can build and maintain a shopify site. Ok, so nothing integrates easily, everything requires an additional app, opening up your customer data to more and more third party vendors from all over the place. Risk central right there. Templates are not easy to switch so updating your look an feel requires professional help. Many "shopify experts" exist in the market, who basically don't know much about integration, or feature improvement in any way. Perhaps they know SEO.

Back end treatment of transactions is very poor - using the same detail level transaction number for returns and the exchange process is a joke. Very poor integration of these transactions means loads of manual reconciliation and intervention.

And Shopify POS.... what a disaster.  Cant run on windows platform. Continuous issues with payment pinpad and scanner connection. If you want to waste days of your life, go ahead and implement it.  Cant see the full item decription on search which is not especially useful if your item code size is at the end of the description. Designed for outlets with about 10 items clearly.

Good news is that you get to see some customer lookup detail in the POS if they have shopped on the web.

Selecting the right Back Office systems for your business is an important choice, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult one. You simply need to choose the right product, the right solution design and the right provider. Its not as difficult as it first sounds. In fact, there is actually a great way to shortlist providers.

Filter out those who don’t offer world class products, who don’t have years of business management consultancy experience, and who don't have hands-on expertise in your industry. In the end, your list will be a lot shorter, most likely no more than 2 or 3 options. And for most mid sized businesses we will be at the top of the list. We have been designing, implementing and supporting business solutions since 2005 In fact, we’ve worked for clients around Australia and New Zealand, US, UK, PNG and beyond in dozens of verticals.

And at OPN 365 we don't just talk the talk, we actually work with you to plan and implement fully integrated solutions in a  cost effective and functional way.  We can do this using best of breed solutions like Zoho as the core of your integrated world.

Read more about the various modules and  integration options that Zoho offers by following the links to the detail pages on our site.

At OPN 365 we make things work together for you to put the power back in your hands and to let you drive your business the way that you want rather than you being a slave to restrictive systems that frustrate you at every turn.

Talk to us about how to revolutionise your business systems

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