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JoomCRM by JoomBoost

JoomCRM by JoomBoost

  Contacts & Leads 

  • The heart and soul of a CRM is the contact and lead management. JoomCRM helps you effectively track, manage and organize your leads.

  Deal Management

  • With JoomCRM you can track all of your deals and their progress. No more wondering what stage a particular deal is in. By knowing exactly what stage a deal is you can close more of them.

 Pipeline Management 

  • JoomCRM focuses on usability. This means we've cut the clutter out to provide a lean, efficient CRM without unnecessary complexities. The insights we provide will help increase your business flow.

  User Access

  • JoomCRM is designed with simple, powerful roles to allow maximum efficiency with the least headaches. Three roles have been defined and created for administrators to decide what users can see or do.

  Team Management

  • JoomCRM improves efficiency by eliminating redundancy and confusion. Organize all of your company's contacts efficiently and share them with the appropriate teams.

  Custom Forms

  • JoomCRM lets you create lead and contact forms, including custom fields, through an easy-to-use Form Wizard and then publish those forms anywhere on the web.

  Custom Reports

  • JoomCRM uses a simple interface to generate custom reports dynamically in a matter of seconds. Plus, we've added six common reports that can be run with a single click.

  Newsletter Integration

  • JoomCRM integrates the popular AcyMailing newsletter extension to allow you to quickly subscribe your leads & contacts to lists, see what newsletters they've opened and track the links clicked


  • We work hard to provide a robust JoomCRM platform that should work out of the box for 90% of all companies. However, with OPN365 and JoomCRM  we provide extras that allows everyone to make the system work the way they need it to 

  Email Integration

  • We realized that your email inbox has become the center of your online life and more than likely your CRM as well. JoomCRM  allows you to integrate emails and associate them with very little effort.

  Sales Goals

  • Tracking goals has never been easier. JoomCRM  employs team-based goal creations to help motivate and rally your team. Achieve greater results by encouraging friendly competition

  Mobile CRM

  • In the world today more and more sales are happening "on the go". JoomCRM  is there to help. With JoomCRM  you have instant access to your sales information from any mobile device.

  To find out more about how we can help your business contact us here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.